Life as a Kids Pastor

Life as a Kids Pastor is always interesting. It’s filled with highs and lows and everything between. From seeing children come to know Jesus as Savior and seeing them break-away in total rebellion and sin. From visiting new parents and getting to hold a newborn, to seeing young people move on to the youth ministry and saying Goodbye as they move away.  Life as a Kids Pastor has taught me many things and in the coming days, I want to write about some of the many lessons I’ve learned along my journey. I should say, I won’t always be writing from the Kids Pastor perspective. Sometimes on this page I’ll be sharing my thoughts as a youth and family pastor too.  Over my 20+ years experience I have had many victories and I have seen the very ugly side of the church and people in general. I have seen the evil one win a few temporary battles but, I’ve read the last book of the Bible and I know that, no matter what happens here and now, in the end GOD WINS!!!!

I hope you are blessed as you follow along with my thoughts and I’d love to hear yours too, so feel free to share!

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