Fight or Flee?

November 16, 2012

After finishing the Kids Ministry Collective radio program, I was thinking further about the last question posted by one of our guests. The question was, “what do you do if you don’t have support from the leadership in your church towards the kids ministry? What if they only view it as babysitting?” These questions are never easy and often times the common answer is to “find a new church!” While that is the easy answer its not always the BEST answer.
Sometimes we as leaders need to stand firm and draw a line in the sand on behalf of families. If God truly called you to that ministry, running is not an option. Stand and fight or those kids. Work harder to shine the light on just how important kids ministry is to the church. I have consulted with many churches that have nothing but white hair left and they are dying. Often times its because they devalued the kids area and no one fought for the kids and so they left.
I believe there are times to leave but I also know there are times to stay put and endure whatever you have to for the sake of the children. If we don’t who will show them, they are worth it.
I believe kids are worth fighting for. Someone did it for me!

What are you standing for!

Crackernacles are Fun!

November 4, 2012

This morning our 4-6 graders had a blast creating “crackernacles.” What is a crackernacle? It’s a graham cracker tabernacle, held together of course by frosting! The kids had a blast using this simple activity.  It struck me that sometimes in our drive to be the most up to date, most high-tech etc. that we forget that sometimes simple is the best! Afterall, doesn’t God choose the simple to confuse the “wise?”  I love simple things, in fact, I think I’m one of God’s simple things and I love it.

I think we could use a dose of simple and then step back and watch what God does. It’s always better when we get out of his way, True?

So how can you simplify?

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