Summer Fun

July 23, 2013

This summer God has been opening many doors for me to speak at various camps. From Indiana to New York, I’ve had the privilege of speaking God’s word to many campers. This week I happen to be at Niagara Bible Conference & Camp up in Appleton, New York. The camp is located right on the shore of Lake Ontario. It is an older camp facility but has great charm and history. My friend Tim is the Executive Director and the camp is affiliated with Global Outreach Mission.
We have 50 jr. campers here and I’m excited to see what God is going to do. Summers are so much fun and we get out to enjoy all of God’s creation. The sunrise and Sunsets here are amazing and I love seeing God’s handiwork on display, as it shouts to all who take time to sit and enjoy it “I LOVE YOU!” So thankful for Jer. 31:3 that reminds us of his everlasting love for us. I pray as I speak this week that Gods love will ring true in the hearts of those who don’t know him.
Take time this week to stop and pray for those who are ministering this summer and for them to continue to declare God’s Love!
I’ll share more of my adventures with some pictures later.

Have some summer fun on me today!

Time for a Change!

February 26, 2013


Thanks for visiting this site! I’m glad you came but this site will not be active any longer as now I have a NEW SITE!! please jump over to   I would be honored if you would even subscribe to my site so that you can keep up to date with me.


Keep It Simple

February 22, 2013

I am often reminded of how complicated life is and how it often carries over to our local church and its ministry. Why does it have to be this way? Why do we get so busy? How do we keep it simple or as I like to say, “Keep the Main Thing, the Main THING?”

I would like to offer up just a couple simple thoughts about keeping it simple:

1) Stay focused on what really matters.  You don’t have to do everything that everyone else is doing. What matters most to you? Then focus on that and do it with quality and passion.

2) Learn to say NO!  Yes, you can say NO!  Learn to do it. Practice with me right now… say NO! come one out loud. NO!  It feel good, NO?

3) Stay simple; Do a few things great rather than a bunch of things with only mediocre results.  Figure out your basic priorities and stick with them. When you focus on keeping it simple it prevents you from going off in the wrong directions or taking ministry “rabbit trails.”

So Keep it simple.. How do you keep it simple? What advice would you give!

When the Lights Go Out!

February 4, 2013

Last night was certainly a memorable Super Bowl and when the lights went out it was kinda funny, actually, twitter went wild, CBS scrambled for it’s announcers to go unscripted and the players didn’t really know what to do but stand around, stretch, etc.

I couldn’t help think this morning looking back at the times the “Lights” seemingly have gone out on me. When ministry get’s hard and those unexpected hurts come, the lights seem to go out. How do we  handle it? Yes, the Sunday School answer is we are supposed to pray, I’m not trying to be disrespectful but too often, my reaction is too sunday school and not real. Let me explain. I have often criticized people for incorrectly throwing out Romans 8:28 as a safety net verse and almost name it then claim it attitude. 

When I have found myself down and hurting or struggling, that is one of the last verses I wanted to turn to for some reason, until lately.  It’s like the Spirit redirected my heart towards this passage and not just the one verse. Romans 8 is a powerful and transforming passage. It’s a “turning on” passage.

Let me give you a few light on moments in this passage for me and how God has been turning it on in my heart.

1. When you down, when someone hurts you. Remember who you are, in CHRIST. Vs.1 You are forgiven and loved by the Creator.

2. Your present suffering is accomplish things only God can see and you can and need to rest in that TRUTH! vs. 18  (yes, we may have to wait to see the good in it.)

3.)Remind yourself of what you KNOW. VS.28- What do you know about the Character of God. Who is he to you? What has he done for you? Spend some time focused not on the problem your facing but on the God who faces it with you. He says it will be GOOD (remember when he said “it is good, back in Genesis?, that means its really good.)

4. You can overcome whatever your facing! Vs. 37  I know what people can do and I know the effects of their sinful behavior and how it hurts, I know about problems in ministry that you may think cannot be overcome except by running away and hiding. Let me say from someone who has many experiences in this field. You can and will, by God’s grace and power overcome.  Begin by turning this over to him and rest. Keep walking ahead the course he’s set before you and stay faithful. Forgive quickly, live in peace!

I hope when the lights go out? you can power up with the Source of all real power!

Share with me, how do you “turn the light back on?”

CPC 13 General Session W/Larry Fowler

January 19, 2013

These are my notes from the General Session with Larry Fowler- DISCLAIMER: They are rough as I was typing fast. Please forgive the rough edges:

Power Triangle-

1- Rom 1:16 Power of the Gospel- Preventative Power
The message of the gospel is our power and should always remain the forefront of our ministries. We should consistently present the children we minister to the gospel message.

2- -Power in the Position of weakness- 2 cor 12:9-10 -not a message but a mindset.
We are always praying to get out of these rough situations (mentioned in 2 Cor passage)
but they are the times we grow most.
From a position of weakness God can show his strength.
Don’t attempt something that you know you can do, but go to a position of weakness, so you don’t take the credit. Let it be only something God can do.
* This is so difficult, but a necessary thing if we are to experience God’s power in our ministry.

3. James 5:16- The method of ernest prayer-
To pray earnestly means to “put your heart in it.” – We often give up on prayer and instead God is calling us to devote ourselves to prayer. To pray continually and eagerly expecting God to answer in ways only he can do.

This was a powerful message! I highly recommend you purchase the download from

Why Go to CPC? (Children’s Pastor’s Conference)

January 19, 2013

You may be asking, “Why go to the expense of attending Children’s Pastor’s Conference?”

I believe that I can offer  some answers to that question, and I hope you will consider attending either Orlando 2014 or San Diego 2013. CPC is an amazing conference for not just Children’s Pastors. If you are involved in kid’s ministry, you can and should attend.

First, Everyone needs a time to rest, learn, and worship. At CPC, you are given exactly those opportunities. The schedule is set up in such a way that you can take some time to rest and refresh yourself.  There are many great breakout sessions (watch my blog for the notes to the ones I attended as well as some links to several blogs with notes from CPC13) The breakouts are broken down into many tracks, such as: Administration, Pre-school, Elementary, Leadership/self-care, Creative Teaching. These breakouts are full of great information and opportunities to rub shoulders with others who are in kidmin.

Worship- Each year INCM, brings in some great worship leaders who lead us to the throne and a time to really focus on praise! This year was another great year of worship and I was often in awe of the majesty of God. Another great reason to attend CPC, is the opportunity to interact with people from all around our country and world. I’ve had the privilege of meeting some great people this year and am blessed to have formed some amazing friendships. The body of Christ is a wonderful thing when it comes together around the purpose of glorifying God and reaching the next generation.  There are great opportunities to talk and learn from others. 

A third reason I’ll share is the resource area! There are so many great resources to see and check out at CPC that it can almost be overwhelming. All the major publishers are here sharing their latest and greatest materials as well as many amazing ministries and organizations that can help improve your kids ministry.

The final reason, is the opportunity to be feed yourself. I don’t know about you but I often don’t get the chance to worship and listen to preaching. At CPC, they bring in some wonderful speakers for the general sessions that will impact your heart and life.

Is CPC worth the time and money? ABSOLUTELY!!  I can tell you after attending three years, it was and is worth it.

If you attended CPC, what was your favorite part?

If you have specific questions about CPC, please feel free to contact me.


Children’s Pastor’s Conference 2013

January 8, 2013

I cannot wait, one week from today, I’m heading to Orlando Florida for CPC 13 and I’m super excited. For one, this will be the first time back to CPC, since Michael Chanley has become the Executive Director of INCM (International Network of Children’s Ministries) He and his team have done a great job of bringing some fresh ideas and fresh faces to CPC. The workshops scheduled for this year look great and I’m going to jump into the Special Needs pre-conference on Wednesday morning!  I will be sharing my thoughts about the sessions and much of what happens at CPC!

I will  hopefully find some time to host the Kid Ministry Collective Radio program live!! while at CPC!  So if your coming to CPC, look me up!

If you can’t make Orlando, consider going to San Diego in February!

**I also still have some FREE 1 Month Memberships to CM+ which is a great new resource from INCM & CM Connect.   Just tell me what you love about CPC and I’ll be glad to share a free pass with you!!

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