When the Lights Go Out!

February 4, 2013

Last night was certainly a memorable Super Bowl and when the lights went out it was kinda funny, actually, twitter went wild, CBS scrambled for it’s announcers to go unscripted and the players didn’t really know what to do but stand around, stretch, etc.

I couldn’t help think this morning looking back at the times the “Lights” seemingly have gone out on me. When ministry get’s hard and those unexpected hurts come, the lights seem to go out. How do we  handle it? Yes, the Sunday School answer is we are supposed to pray, I’m not trying to be disrespectful but too often, my reaction is too sunday school and not real. Let me explain. I have often criticized people for incorrectly throwing out Romans 8:28 as a safety net verse and almost name it then claim it attitude. 

When I have found myself down and hurting or struggling, that is one of the last verses I wanted to turn to for some reason, until lately.  It’s like the Spirit redirected my heart towards this passage and not just the one verse. Romans 8 is a powerful and transforming passage. It’s a “turning on” passage.

Let me give you a few light on moments in this passage for me and how God has been turning it on in my heart.

1. When you down, when someone hurts you. Remember who you are, in CHRIST. Vs.1 You are forgiven and loved by the Creator.

2. Your present suffering is accomplish things only God can see and you can and need to rest in that TRUTH! vs. 18  (yes, we may have to wait to see the good in it.)

3.)Remind yourself of what you KNOW. VS.28- What do you know about the Character of God. Who is he to you? What has he done for you? Spend some time focused not on the problem your facing but on the God who faces it with you. He says it will be GOOD (remember when he said “it is good, back in Genesis?, that means its really good.)

4. You can overcome whatever your facing! Vs. 37  I know what people can do and I know the effects of their sinful behavior and how it hurts, I know about problems in ministry that you may think cannot be overcome except by running away and hiding. Let me say from someone who has many experiences in this field. You can and will, by God’s grace and power overcome.  Begin by turning this over to him and rest. Keep walking ahead the course he’s set before you and stay faithful. Forgive quickly, live in peace!

I hope when the lights go out? you can power up with the Source of all real power!

Share with me, how do you “turn the light back on?”

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