Children’s Pastor’s Conference 2013

I cannot wait, one week from today, I’m heading to Orlando Florida for CPC 13 and I’m super excited. For one, this will be the first time back to CPC, since Michael Chanley has become the Executive Director of INCM (International Network of Children’s Ministries) He and his team have done a great job of bringing some fresh ideas and fresh faces to CPC. The workshops scheduled for this year look great and I’m going to jump into the Special Needs pre-conference on Wednesday morning!  I will be sharing my thoughts about the sessions and much of what happens at CPC!

I will  hopefully find some time to host the Kid Ministry Collective Radio program live!! while at CPC!  So if your coming to CPC, look me up!

If you can’t make Orlando, consider going to San Diego in February!

**I also still have some FREE 1 Month Memberships to CM+ which is a great new resource from INCM & CM Connect.   Just tell me what you love about CPC and I’ll be glad to share a free pass with you!!

4 Responses to Children’s Pastor’s Conference 2013

  1. Jared says:

    Let everyone you can know, I’m giving away two tickets to CPC.

  2. Ideas for CPC

    – video interviews via U-Stream
    – short audio interviews to play on future KMC shows
    – hold a KMC live show via U-Stream and post to cmconnect. (You could Skype to take calls maybe and still use the CMConnect chatroom)

    • ptbump says:

      HI Bill,
      Hey we are going to be doing lots of “man on the street” interviews for future shows( You are so smart!) and God has provided so that Ron can be down there with me so we are planning on doing a live show, (might be Friday,instead of Thursday)
      I will think about the u-stream side, that would be fun. I’ll see how wi-fi signal is when I get there, from what I remember it was sketchy. but I do have my phone and iPad. (sorry thinking while typing)
      So, I hope we can bless you in many different ways, even though you can’t be with us!

  3. Ideas for CPC

    1) u-stream interviews

    2) audio interviews to play on future KMC shows

    3) A live KMC show via u-stream, take Skype calls and still use the cmconnect chatroom

    4) have “Flat Commander Bill” hanging around the conference 😉

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